Action Plan 2021-22

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To encourage lifelong learning, increase literacy and build strong resilient communities across the City of Monash.


  • Our diverse community
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Embracing change and innovation
  • Excellent customer service



Be an integral part of a connected community that is empowered by learning and inspired by information and ideas.



Monash Public Library Service will be recognised as a safe and trusted space for the whole community:
• It will be the community’s living room and the driver of the civic curriculum as it fosters and facilitates content curation, learning and discovery.
• It will build social capital and foster social inclusion in spaces that showcase emerging technologies.




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High quality literacy initiatives impacting the community
Objective 1.0: Increase community literacy levels
Initiative: Offer a range of lifelong literacy  programs
Critical Actions:
  • Review current service offerings against Healthy and Resilient Integrated Plan including:
  • Digital Mentors Program – Be Connected partnership
  • Story walk @ Wheelers Hill Library
  • Online story times in CALD languages and AUSLAN building on pandemic programming success
  • Maternal and Child Health Baby book program
  • 1000 books before school
  • Monash Writers Group
  • Online delivery of technology based programs appropriate for pandemic and post-COVID normal
Objective 1.1: A literate and engaged community
Initiative: Have a collection that reflects our community
Critical Actions:
  • Budget allocations support maintenance /development of diverse collection.
  • Standing orders for 20/21 financial year finalised by September 2020.
  • An engaged and confident community
  • Greater integration with Council Services around whole of life development
  • Support Council’s Loneliness Framework by forging community connections 
  • Support Positive Ageing Living(PAL) initiative including brain training, technology device lessons
Objective 1.2: An engaged and confident community
Initiative: Greater integration with Council Services around whole of life development
Critical Actions:
  • Support Council’s Loneliness Framework by forging community connections 
  • Support Positive Ageing Living(PAL) initiative including brain training, technology device lessons 




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Partnerships and services that meet community need
Objective C1.0: Build strong resilient and connected communities
Initiative: Strengthen partnerships with community groups and develop new partnerships with other groups and agencies
Critical Actions:
  • Engage with Monash Community Ambassadors to support library programs for CALD community groups
  • Deliver– financial literacy, skills for work
  • Partner with neighbouring library services on joint program initiatives
  • Continue Services Australia initiatives, MiCare English language programs, KOGO project and Pronia technology classes
Objective C1.1: Positive and engaged communities that support and appreciate diversity
Initiative: Celebrate diversity within our City
Critical Actions:
  • Develop a Pride book club
  • Support Cultural events and Festivals e.g. Australia Day, NAIDOC Week, Clayton Festival  
  • Maintain promotion and access to LGBTIQA+ collections via library catalogue ;
  • Purchase current materials in this field as per profile
  • Offer Rainbow story times connected to relevant festivals and events


Objective C1.2: To extend community reach
Initiative: Undertake outreach opportunities
Critical Actions:
  • Explore opportunities to identify and engage new library members 
  • Maintain links with Café Bazaar at Oakleigh in a post COVID environment
  • Re-partner with Amaroo House to  provide Tech Bar or similar digital support program
  • Continue outreach programs with PRONIA  and other identified cultural and community organisations
Objective C1.3: A library service that is responsive to community needs
Initiative:  Review accessibility to library services
Critical Actions:
  • Maximise ease of access for online membership and collection preferences 
  • Extend reach of HLS service to vulnerable community members
  • Review the impact of our services on the community 
  • Offer fine free lending service




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Increased community participation in service offerings/initiatives


Objective D1.1: Build community capacity and confidence
Initiative: Facilitate new learning groups
Critical Actions:
  • Implement an English as an Additional Language (EAL) reading program
  • Offer a series of programs on sustainability, sustainable living and innovative housing options
  • Explore new gaming opportunities for youth
  • Investigate establishment of story reading sessions for adults
Objective D1.2: Enhance community accessibility 
Initiative: Ensure currency of Library Management System (LMS) reflects our community
Critical Actions:
  • Review options for LMS for 2021/22 and beyond (including potential efficiencies with neighbouring library services)
Objective D1.3: Engaged, confident and empowered communities
Initiative: Provide opportunities for inspiration and ideas
Critical Actions:
  • Offer a series of lifelong learning and creative programs – MonashFlix, online health and wellbeing programs, VIDCODING, Cyber Safety Week initiatives, Creative Monash, WordFest, Creative Spaces Exhibition Program, local history learning and STEAM workshops and initiatives that inspire new thinking, creativity and enhance knowledge.



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High levels of staff engagement


Objective E1.1: Confident, resilient and empowered staff 
Initiative: Targeted professional development and training opportunities 
Critical Actions:
  • Renew subscription to extend Librarian’s Guide to Homelessness
  • Participate in state-wide Public Libraries Victoria/State Library training opportunities Leap from Page, resilience training, Special Interest Group professional development
  • Participate in refresher Child Safety Standards training
  • Training in critical incidents and first aid
  • Workplace compliance training 
Objective E1.2: Service offerings are strategic and meet community need 
Initiative: Build awareness and connections with other Council teams
Critical Actions:
  • Work with Sustainable Monash to maintain sustainable practices
  • Collaborate with other Council departments on joint initiatives, e.g. COVID-19 recovery plan, seniors events, scoping and design of Mulgrave Library expansion, streamline applications for library industry placements