1000 Books Before School

 16 October 2020

1000 BBS heroes.gif

The 1,000 books before school campaign is designed to influence the home learning environment by encouraging families and pre-school children to develop a reading habit. Research shows that “home literacy”, or engaging with language and reading at home, increases reading readiness and prepares children to enter school with the skills they need to do well and thrive.

By reading just one book each evening, the 1,000-book target can be achieved in less than three years and your child will be set for a lifelong love of books and learning.

The concept is simple:
- Customers register and receive a reading record in which they track the books that they read to their children.
- Children achieve a small incentive from the library for reaching their reading goals.
- After reading 1,000 books with their parents, children are awarded a certificate and gift to mark their achievement.

Registration for 1,000 books before school is now available online for users of the Monash Public Library Service.