Ansh Arya

Category A: Highly Commended  Monash SnapStory Competition 2016

Photographer: Ansh Arya
Title:  A Small Ladder

Arya Photo

A Small Ladder


The tall leering tower,

Was fresh in my mind

After seeing it the first time

I got a nasty fright,

It was taller than a flagpole,

Taller than a house,

Taller than a tower,

Taller than a rocket,

I think it was so tall,

It was a thing that I thought could only exist in dreams.

I think it went up so high,

It pierced past the sky,

It went up all the way into the nebulae that you couldn’t see with your eye.

It went up so tall,

That people questioned "Why?'

And visited the tower everyday,

To see what they could find.

And so they saw it was no less,

Than just a ray of light,

Being produced by a hoaxer,

To give everyone a fright.

He was the point of focus,

For everyone around.

And the source of the pillar was never found.

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Last updated: 19 July 2017