Emma Jarvis

Category C: Highly Commended Monash SnapStory Competition 2016

Photographer: Emma Jarvis
Title: A Bus to the Future



A Bus to the Future

Two minutes. The bus was due in two minutes.

My hands shook; I shoved them into my jacket pockets, hiding the tremble from the stranger waiting next to me.

The audition wasn't for an hour, yet I was already rattling like crockery in an earthquake. This wouldn’t do. I needed to control myself. Breathe.

So what if the audition was for a prestigious theatre company? So what if this was a rare opportunity that could completely change the direction of my life? That’s nothing to fret about, no…

I sighed. I could see the bus now, in the distance, slowly crawling up the street towards me.

Breathing deeply, I clenched my fists. I was going to do this. Even if my palms sweated and my heart threaten to leap out of my chest. I might fail, but I certainly wouldn’t get anywhere if I never gave it a shot.

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Last updated: 16 September 2016