Kasmira Schneider

Category B: First Place Monash SnapStory Competition 2016

Photographer: Kasmira Schneider
Title: Directions

Schneider Photo

She knows the journey ahead will not be easy

She knows it will be full of danger and quarrel

She knows that there is a possibility she won’t return

Yet she must complete it anyway

She knows that she will lose friends along the way

She knows that there are no shortcuts

She knows that she is going to get hurt

Yet she must accept it

She knows she can’t escape it

She knows she can’t ask for help

She knows there is no other way

Yet this is how it is

But as she looks up and takes in the beauty of the world

She realises that although she is alone and the world is a scary place

She stands strong

And she knows that no matter how hard it gets,

There’s only one direction she can go

And that’s forward


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Last updated: 26 September 2016