Georgie Simmons

Category C: Highly Commended Monash SnapStory Competition 2016

Photographer: Georgie Simmons
Title:  What direction is the right direction

Simmons photo

What direction is the right direction


Sinking, sinking, sinking,

Deeper and desperate the more I'm thinking,

As the time is ticking away,

The more I become astray.


As my vision becomes blurry,

The more I start to worry,

I can only see black,

With the purpose I lack.


With no up or down,

And less and less hope, I frown,

Am I moving in the right direction,

Do I need to make a correction?


I ask 'why me',

And the voices reply 'it was meant to be'.

Are the voices in my head,

Or were they really said.


I feel so lost and confused,

As my blood oozed,

Through my cooling heart,

Is this the end or start.


With no sense of time,

I'm stuck in a mime,

With only the voices,

Who are watching my choices.


The longer I stay,

I have less chance to play,

The game of life,

Because I'm handed a knife.


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Last updated: 16 September 2016