Niena Lokman

Category C: Second Place Monash SnapStory Competition 2016

Photographer: Niena Lokman
Title: Directions

Lokman photo


“No, I really do”

He beckons me with tired arms.

I was already walking in his direction, anyway. Contemplation wasn’t part of the question. I ran towards him like a mother gusto, scrambling for her long estranged child.

You’ll see how this is supposed to be my triumph, where I come to lead his actions and leave him a path with no exit. To be succumbed, and not knowing where it’s routed.

I embraced him and he shivered. Out of the pores of his skin came sweats made to cool him down, but as of now, only adds to the inconvenience.

The closer we get, the less relevant were the physical borders that separated us. I become one with his mind, seeping into the canals of his noisy wooden box.

Let me in, I am your Intrusive Thought. 

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Last updated: 16 September 2016