Srinivas Tirumalasetty

Category A: Highly Commended  Monash SnapStory Competition 2016

Photographer: Srinivas Tirumalasetty
Title: Journey to Monashville

Tirumalasetty Photo



It’s a place full of secrets

And the joy is like sweetness,

But there is one weakness…

It`s in the deepness


The only way to find this place

Is to find the monsters birthplace,

It might sound like a disgrace

But just in case I think it might be at a showplace


I`ll give you one clue don`t have haste

Otherwise you just might be displaced,

Just be paced and make sure you tied your shoelace!


Remember, there is no directions


And there won`t be any corrections

So if you have any infections

Don`t worry there won`t be any injections.

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Last updated: 16 September 2016