Inter-library Loans

Published on 27 April 2023

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In 2022 the Inter Library Loan service was suspended by Public Libraries Victoria. 

We are pleased to announce that on Monday 1 May, a remodelled service will commence a 3 month trial period. 

There have been numerous changes made to make the service sustainable in the future. 

  • We will receive a weekly delivery (previously daily) of items obtained via the Inter Library Loan service for customers, in addition to a weekly weight limit, which may result in short delays. 
  • Most books, audiobooks more than 2 years old, and materials from LOTE (languages other than English) collections will be able to be requested. Items such as DVDs, CDs, magazines, children’s picture books and board books, and larger items will no longer be available as part of the new service. 
  • Library members can request up to 6 items in the 3 month trial period. 
  • Requests can be made via the Z-portal on this website, or customers can ask library staff to place the request on their behalf. 
  • Items requested from other public libraries in Victoria will remain free of charge to the customer during the trial. 
  • Items requested from universities, interstate libraries and State Libraries will continue to attract a charge, and there remains no limit to the number of items able to be requested. 
  • The trial across Victoria includes limits on weight of items being delivered. This means some items requested may not be available for Inter Library loan. Customers will be advised if this is the case.  
  • Customers are advised that items collected at Monash Libraries shouldn’t be returned to another library service.  


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