Wi-Fi Printing

Wi-Fi Printing is now available.

You will need to be printing from a personal device that is connected to Wi-Fi (ie not on a library computer) in a Monash Public Library Branch.

To Print:

  • Connect your device to the library Wi-Fi or the 4G network
  • Open your web browser (Safari, Internet, Chrome, Edge)
  • In the address bar type print.monlib.vic.gov.au:9191/user
  • Log into the site using your library card number and wifi passcode
  • Select Web Print from the menu on the left of your screen. iPhone users may need to select "View in desktop mode" at the bottom of their screen.
  • Select Submit a Job (green button)
  • Choose a printer (check location and B&W/colour options)
  • Select Print Options and Account Selection (green button)
  • Select Upload Documents (green button)
  • Follow the screen prompts to upload your documents
  • Select Upload & Complete (green button)
  • Your print jobs will be listed in a queue
  • Approach library staff to pay for an collect your print jobs

Prints will remain on our system for 3 hours. 

You can print word documents, pdfs, images, photos and spreadsheets.

The cost is 20c per A4 black and white print, $1.00 per A4 colour print

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Last updated: 24 January 2018