Wi-Fi Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

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Printing, photocopying, scanning and fax services are available at all branches (see below information regarding Mulgrave) to both members and visitors to the library. Visitors can be issued with an Online Access library card on providing identification. Alternatively, one-off visitor use can be given. Please see library staff for assistance.

For related costs please see our Fees and Charges


Printing from Public PCs

Black/white and colour printing in A4 and A3 size is available by logging in to a public PCs.

Self-serve printing is now available at all branch libraries. Money can be loaded onto your account via the Smart Loader kiosk, or via staff assistance. Release your printing via the public photocopier.

Mulgrave library users can print from their USB directly through the photocopier, or from one of the Wellington Reserve Community Centre's computers.


Wi-Fi Printing

Wi-Fi Printing is available from all our branches (except Mulgrave). Print jobs can be sent from your Wi-fi enabled laptop or device, using the Library Wi-Fi or your own internet.

You can print Word and Excel documents, PDFs, images and photos. Collect and pay for your printing at your preferred branch. You can release and pay for your printing via the self-serve system, or see staff for assistance. Print jobs are held in the queue for 12 hours.

You can upload your documents by logging into our Library Print Center. Your username is your library card number and your password is your library password.

1.      Login to the Library Print Center . Click Upload.

2.      Search for the file to upload and click Open.

3.      Click Refresh.

4.      The document will be uploaded and ready to print.

5.      Select the document to print by ticking the box. You can select multiple documents by ticking each box or by ticking the box at the top of the page to select all.

6.      From the Print options tab at the bottom of the screen you can select black & white or colour, single sided or double sided, and number of copies required.

7.      The cost of your print job(s) will show as well as your current account balance.

8.      Your print jobs are now waiting in our print queue.

9.      To release the print job(s) go to your closest branch library.

10.    Login to the Photocopier/Printer with your library card number and password.

11.    Select the print job(s) that are listed and press print all.

12.    The printer then prints your job(s)

13.    Staff can assist you with printing if needed.


The website for the Library Print Center is: https://print1.monlib.vic.gov.au/myprintcenter/






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Last updated: 09 July 2018