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In 2017 as part of National Family History Month, the Monash Public Library Service Family History Group worked on a project called Traditions in Time, which aimed to capture images and stories about traditions, childhood memories and family heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations. These stories were then formatted and exhibited at both the Glen Waverley and Mount Waverley libraries through the month of August 2017.

Following the success of this project, and to celebrate cultural diversity within the City of Monash, it was decided to extend Traditions in time to capture the stories of members of some of our local CALD communities. The initial target groups were people from both Chinese and Spanish backgrounds, and we hope we can extend this project to reach many more people from diverse backgrounds who have their own stories to share.

Please enjoy these wonderful stories. The stories are in PDF format.

English Stories

Bilingual Chinese Stories

Bilingual Spanish Stories


English Stories

A golfing tradition by Margaret (PDF, 642KB)

At home: I remember by Kay (PDF, 740KB)

A very special ring by Robin (PDF, 579KB)

China tea set by Rob (PDF, 503KB)

Chocolate Santa Hunt by Jason (PDF, 935KB)

Christmas traditions by Betty (PDF, 585KB)

Drowning child rescued by Peter (PDF, 864KB)

My gold Sovereign and chain by Gillian (PDF, 606KB)

My heirloom by Christine (PDF, 616KB)

Philip Island by Graeme (PDF, 670KB)

Piano story by Graeme (PDF, 562KB)

Plum pudding recipe by Gillian (PDF, 702KB)

Primary school: I remember by Kay (PDF, 524KB)

Schoolyard games by Cheryl (PDF, 436KB)

Su Huaides getting older slowly- English Version (PDF, 229KB)

Summer holidays by Jason (PDF, 507KB)

Swap cards by Kaye (PDF, 713KB)

Telefunken radio by Nanette (PDF, 1MB)

The 1899 thimble by Fay (PDF, 714KB)

The aviary by Catherine (PDF, 1MB)

The Happy Club by Cheryl (PDF, 929KB)

The long clock by Sue (PDF, 605KB)

Treasured embroidery by Cheryl (PDF, 412KB)

Wedding present by Margaret P (PDF, 779KB)

Who-owned-these-Victorian-knickers-by-Gillian.pdf (PDF, 697KB)

Year 8 cooking classes by Margaret (PDF, 404KB)


Bilingual Chinese Stories

Rice cooker 

Affection for my village by Wu Kang (PDF, 576KB)

Art on used paper by Shuming Mao (PDF, 305KB)

Earthquake by Zhu Chuanzhens (PDF, 739KB)

I love square dancing by A Rui (PDF, 494KB)

Living in love by Jinyuan Li (PDF, 777KB)

My precious clock by Emma (PDF, 793KB)

Rice cooker by Pan Zhiyuan (PDF, 743KB)

Sweet potatoes by Mooi Nee (PDF, 303KB)

Su Huaides getting older slowly - Chinese version (PDF, 758KB)


Bilingual Spanish Stories



Armenia Quindío by Marleny

Chilean national costume by Juana (PDF, 708KB)

Diana's little jar by Diana (PDF, 649KB)

Hospital Felix Bulnes Cerda by Olga (PDF, 588KB)

La isla de Bouganville en Papua New Guinea by Ana (PDF, 420KB)

Las empanadas by Miriam (PDF, 501KB)

Mi tierra mi historia by Nanette (PDF, 503KB)

Pupusas Salvadoreñas by Margot

Telefunken radion by Nanette- Spanish Version (PDF, 736KB)

Una huasa chilena by Ana (PDF, 733KB)


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