Active Recreation Opportunities Strategy

Active recreation (non-competitive physical activity undertaken during leisure time) accounts for the majority of physical activity in the community and has become increasingly important due to work, education and lifestyle commitments.

Monash provides a network of parks and reserves across the municipality that provide space for sport, recreation and play.

Parks and reserves have traditionally been developed to cater for organised sport and play, but facilities that create opportunities for active recreation are only now becoming prominent due to increasing demand, for example: outdoor fitness equipment, circuit paths, public basketball and tennis courts, table tennis tables or bouldering walls.

The Monash Active Recreation Opportunities Strategy aims to create more opportunities for the residents to ‘in their own way’ and to increase the diversity of opportunities for physical activity and balance the provision of facilities across the network. The establishment of a series of ‘key active recreation sites’ will increase the diversity of facilities, creating destinations for active recreation and providing new opportunities for residents to become active. 

Active Recreation Opportunities Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

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