Zero Net Carbon Action Plan

The goal of the Zero Net Carbon Action Plan is to provide a pathway for Council to become carbon neutral by 2025

At its 29 November meeting, Council noted the first Progress Report:

Progress Report for the Zero Net Carbon Action Plan(PDF, 1MB)

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Report to Council 29 November 2022 meeting(PDF, 2MB)

Council Meeting Decisions (item 4.9)(PDF, 299KB)

Watch Council Meeting video recording (item 4.9)

Zero Net Carbon Action Plan

At the February 2020 meeting, our Council committed to a number of actions in response to climate change.

Zero Net Carbon Action Plan 2020-2025(PDF, 7MB)

A substantial amount of work over a number of years has gone into determining the best way forward for Monash to achieve carbon neutrality, to get our modelling right and to commit to strategies that will make a difference.

Our view was always that it was not about just speaking words on climate change, but about investing in real actions and strategies that will reduce emissions.

Some of these actions include:

  • Participating in the Local Government Power Purchase Agreement for up to 100% renewable energy for all electricity use
  • Major roads street lighting changeover to LED lights
  • Major infrastructure upgrades of high energy usage sites, including our aquatic centres, to reduce energy use
  • Investment in solar panels at key sites
  • Expanding the use of electric and hybrid vehicles in Council’s fleet
  • Increase the use of recycled content materials in council projects
  • The purchase of carbon offsets, when required, from businesses located within the City of Monash, wherever possible
  • A commitment to protecting and enhancing our green spaces and tree canopy
  • The introduction of food waste in the green bin household recycling