CEO Employment and Remuneration Committee


The purpose of the Committee is to make recommendations to Council with respect to the:

  • Independent advice received from time to time from the Independent Advisor
  • Performance monitoring of the CEO, including with respect to achievement of the KPIs
  • Annual review of the CEO's performance, including against the KPIs
  • CEO's remuneration
  • Recruitment and appointment of a CEO, if required
  • Provisions to be included in the Contract of Employment from time to time

Committee will comprise at least the Mayor and two Councillors, and such additional members as Council may appoint by resolution from time to time.

Councillors to be appointed to the Committee will be appointed by resolution of Council no less frequently than annually 

COO will provide secretariat support to the Committee including:

  • Coordinating meetings of the Committee
  • Preparing relevant documentation including reports to Council 
  • Maintaining appropriate records regarding performance reviews
  • Providing relevant governance advice. 

This committee consists of the following Councillors: Tina Samardzija (Mayor)Stuart James (previous Mayor), Brian Little, and Theo Zographos


Contact Officer: call Jarrod Doake, Director City Services, on 9518 3521.