Disability Advisory Committee

The Disability Advisory Committee’s aim is to advise Council on service provision and local issues relating to the needs of people with a disability.

There is a particular focus on ensuring the provision of goods, services and facilities are provided to people by Council and within the City of Monash in a manner that does not discriminate against them on the basis that they have or may have a disability. 


The Disability Advisory Committee aims to create an understanding, compassionate and accessible community for Monash community members living with a disability.

After identifying barriers and issues which impact on people with a disability, the committee provides Council with advice on how these barriers can be removed, and on the Monash Health and Wellbeing Plan. The committee proudly and actively assists Council to promote access and inclusion.

This committee has up to 18 members and includes representation from:

  • Council
  • Individuals living or working in Monash
  • Community agencies, organisations and service providers that focus on providing services to people with a disability in Monash
  • Community groups

Appointments are for a two-year term and members may reapply for a further two-year term.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference - Disability Advisory Committee(PDF, 197KB)

Current Membership

At its 13 December 2022 meeting, Council:

Noted the resignation of the following representatives and thanks them for their valuable contribution: Harini Guddanti, Susan Rees, Marian Jacobs from the Disability Advisory Committee.

  • Cr Nicky Luo
  • Cr Shane McCluskey
  • Helen Houghton
  • Wanda Egerton
  • Zoe Broomhead
  • Ian Cunningham
  • Michael Embury
  • Caterina Kasiaras
  • Helen Haughton
  • Mona Singh
  • Heather Miller
  • Peter Hocking
  • Linda Teng
  • Tess Marotta
  • Sharon Roxby (representing OC Connections)

Meeting Frequency and Duration

This committee meets every two months in the evening for two hours.

It is expected that each member attend a minimum of 60% of all meetings.



At its 30 March 2021 meeting, Council endorsed:

  • Appointment of 8 community representatives and 2 local organisation representatives to the Disability Advisory Committee, each for a two-year term: Helen Haughton, Harini Guddanti, Mona Singh, Sue Rees, Heather Miller, Peter Hocking, Linda Teng, Tess Marotta, Marian Jacobs (representing Waverley Help Mates) and Sharon Roxby (representing OC Connections).
  • Updating the Disability Advisory Committee Terms of Reference, reflecting an increase to the number of members appointed to this committee. Membership will increase to 18 members, consisting of 14 community representatives, 2 local organisation representatives and 2 Councillors.

At its 27 January 2021 meeting, Council noted the resignation of Di Gow, Leanne Grosvenor and Vicki Hayes from the Disability Advisory Committee.


At its 26 March 2019 meeting, Council endorsed the appointment of two people to the Disability Advisory Committee, each for a two-year term:

  • Michael Embury
  • Caterina Kasiaras

These new members, in addition to the 8 current members and Cr McCluskey and Cr Paterson, brought the committee up to 12 members reducing the vacancies to 4.


At its 26 June 2018 meeting, Council endorsed the appointment of six people to the Disability Advisory Committee, each for a two-year term:

  • Wanda Egerton
  • Smrity Bagga
  • Leanne Grosvenor
  • Zoe Broomhead
  • Ian Cunningham
  • Di Gow


Barb Wallace, Access and Inclusion Community Development Office
Phone 9518 3637 or email Barb.Wallace@monash.vic.gov.au