Junior Advisory Group

Junior Advisory Group Members Holding Seedlings

The Junior Advisory Group initiative has been developed to help young people connect with local government.

At its 19 December 2023 meeting, Council appointed Cr Stuart James and Cr Josh Fergeus to participate in the Junior Advisory Group.

Junior Advisory Group sessions

It remains important to allow our younger residents access to local government. If you are a teacher or an assistant principal and would like to arrange for civic engagement with your students, please email childfriendly@monash.vic.gov.au or call 0459 868 952 for more information.

We are open to working together and developing pathways that allow young people to become active citizens of their community.


Council undertook an 18-month trial of a Junior Advisory Group giving primary school students the opportunity to be active citizens and engage with Council.

The idea for the Junior Advisory Group came from consultation on the Child and Young People Friendly City project.

The aim is to allow all residents of Monash, regardless of their age, to be included and participate in decision making and the future vision for Monash.

The project aims to allow residents and Council staff to gain a better understanding of what makes a city child and young people friendly; raise awareness of the services Council provides for children and young people; develop initiatives to address any gaps in meeting the Victoria Charter framework for being a Child Friendly City, and identify areas where Council can improve engagement with young people and children.

Young people aged from 10 to 17 often actively seek engagement with Council via social media and school activities and through Council programs such as Activate, our Youth Reference Groups, Youth Ambassadors, and other programs through Monash Youth Services.

Children aged between birth through to 5 tend to be actively engaged with Council through their parents and families interaction with multiple services offered for this age group, including Maternal and Child Health programs, playgroups, child care or story time.

However, children aged 6 to 11 years are not as well connected with Council and we are hoping that this initiative will ensure they have an opportunity to actively engage with Council, and share their ideas about their community whilst learning about Council and its operations in a fun and engaging way. Council is looking forward to the different perspective children will bring, and to hearing wonderful and exciting new ideas.

Council Meeting May 2018

At its 29 May 2018 meeting, Council resolved to support the twelve (12) month trial of a Junior Advisory Group for primary school students.

More information:

Report to Council Meeting, 29 May 2018(PDF, 152KB)

Attachment - Victorian Charter for Child Friendly Cities and Communities(PDF, 514KB)