Live streaming of Council meetings

Council live streams its meetings so people unable to attend can watch online.

People can watch meetings live or at a later time, with a video of each meeting to remain on Council’s website for at least a year.

The first Council meeting to be live streamed was on Tuesday 28 February 2017.

The videos of our meetings are available on the webcast page.

Cameras won't film members of the public asking a question or sitting in the public gallery, in case this discourages people from participating in Council meetings. Only the audio of public questions will be included in the webcast.

It cost Council about $15,000 to set up the live streaming and about $15,000 per year to implement it.

Enquiries: Governance team, call 9518 3514 or email

Council resolution

Here is the resolution Council made at its 31 January 2017 meeting:

That the Council resolves to:

  1. live stream Council meetings via the Council website (and) to make available video recordings of Council meetings via the Council website on the day following the meeting for at least twelve months
  2. direct Council officers to seek quotations on the most effective method of delivery
  3. authorise Officers to accept the quotation they believe to achieve the objectives outlined in the report and in line with projected costs to direct Officers to implement the appropriate technology to accommodate live streaming in time for the March 2017 Council Meeting.
  4. instruct Officers that cameras be situated so that the video feed does not incorporate the public gallery or the face of residents or ratepayers asking questions.
  5. instruct Officers that the feed should include the audio of public questions only.