Public Question Time

Civic Centre Building

Residents and ratepayers can submit questions in writing for Council to answer at its monthly meetings.

The deadline for questions is 4pm on the working day before the Council meeting (usually the Monday before the Tuesday night meeting).

The next Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 May 2024 at 7pm.

The deadline for questions is 4pm on Monday 27 May 2024.

Questions need to be limited to a total of 200 words.

Please read guidelines for Public Question Time.

More information: Governance Rules

Questions to Council

Please submit your question online using the form below:

Online submission

Alternatively, you may request that a form be emailed to you by contacting Council's Governance Team.

Your completed form can be submitted via:

  • Mail: c/o Questions for Council, P.O. Box 1, Glen Waverley VIC 3150
  • Email: to
  • Drop off: Customer Service Centre, Monash Civic Centre
    (293 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley)

Enquiries: Council's Governance team on 03 9518 3509 or

Privacy Collection Statement

The purpose of collecting your personal details is so a written response to your question can be provided. If you do not provide this information, Council will be unable to provide you with a written response. Your phone details and email may assist Council is seeking clarification from you on the information you are seeking.

Any other personal information on this form will only be disclosed to Councillors and Council Officers and will be retained on Council files until destroyed in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973.

Personal information collected on this form will be handled in accordance with the privacy principles in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Public Question Time - Guidelines

  1. A person wishing to ask a question at an Ordinary Meeting must submit their question in writing.
  2. Questions must be received prior to 4pm on the working day before the Meeting.
  3. Question should not exceed 200 words and, if it does, only the first 200 words will be read to the Ordinary Meeting.
  4. Only questions from Residents and/or Ratepayers will be accepted.
  5. When the Council Meeting moves to public question time, the Mayor shall:
  • in the case of a person who has submitted a question who is in the gallery, in their absolute discretion, call on each person who has submitted a question to ask their question verbally, if they wish (unless the Chairperson has rejected the question, in accordance with these Rules);
  • allow at their discretion the question to be read out by another member of the public on behalf of the person who submitted the question;
  • allow, at their discretion, a person asking a question to seek clarification on any point/s made in the answer provided;
  • in that case on a person who has submitted a question who is not in the gallery or who is in the gallery and has declined the right to read the question themselves, in their absolute discretion, read out the question;
  • give priority to questions relating to matters on the Agenda for the Council Meeting, in the order in which they are received;
  • allow a maximum of three questions on a particular topic, grouping questions together to permit a collective response, as appropriate;
  • nominate the appropriate Councillor or Officer to answer the question or elect to answer it themselves; and
  • advise the Council Meeting if questions have been submitted and rejected.

6. Public question time is limited to 30 minutes, unless otherwise resolved by Council.