Commercial or domestic noise

Power saw

Noise pollution is with us almost all the time and we often do not recognise how serious its effects can be.

Commercial noise

Commercial noise is usually investigated by Council or the Environment Protection Authority.

Several factors need to be considered including the level of the noise, the amenity of the area and any permit the company may have, allowing them to operate. Council's Environmental Health Unit can provide you with advice regarding noise issues - call 9518 3555.

Major industry

The Environment Protection Authority will also investigate noise reports about major industries. If you have a concern about excessive noise, you can call the EPA’s 24-hour pollution hotline on  1300 372 842 or see their website.

Burglar alarms

We suggest you and your neighbour arrange a way of contacting a person who can access your house in your absence and turn off the alarm.

For continued alarm noise, please contact local police. 

What can I do about a noisy neighbour?

The ideal approach is to talk to them and work together to find a solution.

Sometimes neighbours are not aware they are making unreasonable noise, or that they are annoying or disturbing you. Often talking to them can lead to changes that benefit you both.

If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the problem, you have other options available. For more information, please see Dispute Resolution.

For information regarding domestic neighbour noise, please see Noise.