Council backs I Love Kinder campaign

Published on 30 January 2019


Monash Council has joined the I Love Kinder advocacy campaign to push for the Federal Government to pledge to continue its funding for 4-year-old kindergarten.

The campaign is supported by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV). 

In May 2018, the Federal Coalition Government indicated in Budget papers it would cease Federal funding for kindergartens after December 2019, which prompted the I Love Kinder campaign to call on the government to recommit to the funding. 

At the 29 January meeting Council voted to get behind the campaign to show support for children and families in Monash who are anxious about continued funding for 4-year-old kindergarten for their children and how withdrawal of funding will impact on their family budget and their children’s access to much-needed kindergarten programs.

Universal access to 15 hours of 4-year-old kinder is vital for children to get the best start possible and be school-ready.

Since 2013, Australia’s federal, state and territory governments have agreed to jointly fund kinder for all Australia 4-year-olds. The Federal Government contributes around one-third of total funding.

As a result of this national agreement, enrolments have improved and almost all 4-year-old children are now enrolled in 15 or more hours of kindergarten per week.

However, if the Federal Government cuts its share of kinder funding, families will have to pay around $2,000 in kindergarten costs per child, which means some children will miss out on this early education.

All families in Monash should be given the opportunity to send their children to 4-year-old kindergarten to provide them with this important start in life.