Media Response – Christmas Carols

Published on 30 September 2022

Query from the Herald Sun

I'm putting together a yarn today on local carols celebrations set to come back for Christmas.

I'd like to know if:

Carols at Jells Park will go ahead, and its dates.

If Council is planning to spend more this year on the event, or similar celebrations, after the last two years being impacted by Covid.


The much loved Monash Carols will return on Sunday 4 December at Jells Park in Glen Waverley from 5.30-9.30pm. After two years of disruptions and cancellations, I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with Monash residents and visitors at this wonderful community event.

The event is expected to cost $296,183following a cost of $205,934 in 2019. This higher cost is related to increases in cleaning, lighting, traffic management and additional support staff to keep our community safe.

Issued: 30 September 2022
To: Herald Sun
Quoting: Mayor Stuart James