Media response – Brandon Park Shopping Centre

Published on 15 November 2022

Query from the Herald Sun

I'm reaching out for a story I'll be putting up today about the Brandon Park Shopping Centre mixed-use precinct and was hoping to get a comment about.

How long has the prospect of turning the shopping centre into a mixed-use space been in the pipeline? What benefits will this bring to the community? Have people previously expressed their interest in serviced apartments in the area? How long will the process take until the precinct will be open? What can the community expect will change while the construction is underway?


At the September meeting of Council, it was resolved to support the construction of a seven-storey mixed use building that includes a medical centre, retail and office space, and serviced apartments at Brandon Park Shopping Centre (580 Springvale Road, Wheelers Hill). The mixed-use nature of the proposal was supported as new uses will facilitate increased activity within the established business centre.

A planning permit has now been issued, and the permit holder now has three years in which to commence construction. Several obligations will need to be met prior to the commencement of works, including the issue of a Building Permit. The construction of such a significant project will cause disruption, however there will be measures in place to manage the impact on the local area as with all projects of this size.

The application was first lodged as a ten-storey building in early 2021, however following concerns raised by Council an amended proposal was later submitted in July 2022. It is this amended development that has been supported.

In Council’s assessment of the proposal, consideration was given to the built form and scale, urban design, amenity impacts, traffic generation and car parking. The proposed development was considered appropriate having regard to the relevant provisions of the Monash Planning Scheme.

Issued: 15 November 2022

To: Herald Sun

Quoting: Mayor Tina Samardzija