Media response – Cat curfew

Published on 29 November 2022

Query from the Herald Sun

I am emailing every council across the state to analyse the different rules for cats and cat ownership across the different municipalities. 

If the council could provide comments or answers to the following questions, alongside general rules surrounding cats, I would greatly appreciate it.


What are council rules regarding cat ownership? (Registration, collars etc) 

All cats in Monash aged over three months must be microchipped and registered within 14 days of being housed in Monash.

Does this council have a cat curfew? (If yes, why and what is it?)

Yes. Cat owners in Monash are required to keep cats inside or on their property between sunset or 7pm (whichever is later) and sunrise. This was introduced following extensive community consultation for Council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan in 2017 and helps to reduce the impact of roaming and nuisance animals.  

Issued: 29 November 2022

To: Herald Sun

Quoting: Mayor Tina Samardzija