Media response – Christmas decorations

Published on 16 November 2022

Query from the Herald Sun

Reaching out for an article my team and I are looking to put together about this year's Christmas decorations. It will be looking into the costs of the decorations compared to the previous year's costs and what council is calling the holiday season.

How much did the Monash council spend on Christmas decorations this year? Is that more or less than the previous year, and why? What are you calling the Christmas season?


Festive decorations are being installed across the City of Monash through November. With bin wraps and decals already in our busiest shopping precincts, and other major decorations and flags being installed and a lighting of the Christmas tree event scheduled for Eaton Mall in Oakleigh later this week. These bright and cheery decorations feature Christmas messaging and are designed to bring people to linger and enjoy our busy precincts.

This year’s decorations, including installation, cost $130,000 - a similar amount to last year. This incorporates replacing older decorations with a stronger focus on using reusable and recyclable materials.

Issued: 16 November 2022

To: Herald Sun

Quoting: Mayor Tina Samardzija