Media Response - Graffiti

Published on 26 April 2022

How many complaints has the council received about graffiti in the past two years?  

Council has undertaken 520 removals of graffiti in response to requests received from the community over the past two years, as well as undertaking a proactive program to remove graffiti from Council assets.

How quickly does the council remove graffiti once reported?

Council is committed to removing offensive graffiti the same day that the request is received.

Non-offensive graffiti is generally removed from Council assets within 48 hours from the time it is reported.

How much has the council spent on removing graffiti in the past two years?

Around $140,000 over the past two years.

What is the council doing to monitor vandals? 

Council has a proactive program of removing graffiti from its major activity centres and reserves that are known graffiti problem sites.  

We know that graffiti left untouched attracts more graffiti so quick removal is important.

We offer free graffiti removal kits for residents and businesses.

We also participate in a weekly programmed clean-up of graffiti from laneways using supervised Community Correctional Services clean-up teams that work in partnerships with other authorities.

Street art is also used to deter graffitists in problem areas, as they are less likely to deface street art and murals by respected street artists.

Is there a specific location where graffiti is continuing to be removed?

We proactively inspect and remove graffiti from 12 locations throughout the municipality and are undertaking a trial program of removal in a further 6 locations and activity centres.

Issued21 April 2022
 Herald Sun
Mayor, Councillor Stuart James