Media Response - Parking fine

Published on 14 September 2022

Query from the Herald Sun

Ms Beggs received a parking fine on O'Sullivan Rd in Glen Waverley about 2.20pm in February 2022 and arrived just as the ticket was being issued. Ms Beggs told the parking inspector since she was on crutches it had taken a while for her to get back to her car, which was now in a clearway which started at 2pm. The inspector told her if she emailed council and explained her circumstance, they should be able to sort it out. She then followed up with council but received responses saying the circumstances are not worthy of a warning in place of the infringement and she must pay the fine.

I was hoping to get a quick comment about this and council's stance on the issue. Has the issue been resolved? Does council plan on backing down on this or will it maintain that she needs to pay the fine? Does council allow any leniencies relating to these kinds of matters?


Council enforces parking restrictions so that roads can operate safely and effectively. This fine relates to a driver parking in a No Stopping zone that is in place to ensure the safety of children during pick-up and drop-off times at Glen Waverley High School.

The driver appealed the fine using the process available. Council takes the safety of children around schools extremely seriously and the fine was upheld accordingly. As an aside, the issuing infringement officer noted at the time that there was also parking available nearby in spaces. The driver had parked their car for 22 minutes after the No Stopping restriction was in effect putting the safety of children and other road users at risk. 

Parking restrictions are in place for a range of safety and traffic related reasons and I encourage drivers to observe these laws when parking in the City of Monash. If drivers believe a fine was issued incorrectly, there is information about how to appeal on Council’s website.

Issued: 14 September

To: Herald Sun

Quoting: Mayor Stuart James.