Media Response Suburban Rail Loop stations and local precincts

Published on 09 August 2021

Can you provide information on how the precincts around the  Suburban Rail Loop stations will be planned and where planning is up to at the moment. 


Discussion to this date with the Suburban Rail Loop Authority has been on the siting of the stations. Those plans have been made public by the Authority.

Conversations around the planning of the precincts around the stations have not begun. We look forward to being an integral part of the conversation and planning to ensure the best for our residents and community.

The Suburban Rail Loop is an exciting transport development for Melbourne and Monash is a key location for three proposed stations.

Any future planning we assume would be in response to the proposed location of an SRL station which were announced recently  and the opportunities that come as a result.

Issued: 21 July, 2021

To: The Age

Quoting: Mayor Brian Little