Media response – Pool temperatures

Published on 24 March 2023

Query from Herald Sun

I am emailing to see if the water temperature at Oakleigh Recreation Centre or any other council pools is being reduced in a bid to save money on energy bills.

If so, could it please elaborate on the decision to do this.

If not, is it taking any other measures to reduce the impact of soaring bills?


The temperature has not been lowered at Monash Council managed pools to reduce energy use.

Monash is part of the Victorian Energy Collaboration with 45 other councils, this provides us with 100% renewable energy at a discounted cost. We have also put significant work into upgrading the pool heating system at our Oakleigh Recreation Centre to reduce energy use and emissions.  

Issued: 24 March 2023

To: Herald Sun

Quoting: Mayor Tina Samardzija