Media Response Dog Attack (Mount Waverley)

Questions and Responses


I've been speaking to a woman whose dog was attacked on June 7 in the Mt Waverley shopping centre on Hamilton Place. Their Labrador was allegedly attacked by an off-leash dog, unprovoked. She said they reported it to council and police the same day. Their dog had surgery under general anaesthetic for puncture teeth wounds and some shredding of the ear. She has been frustrated with an apparent lack of action from council in doing something about the other dog.  She wants the dog to be leashed and have a muzzle, not put down.


Council officers continue to investigate a report of an incident that occurred in Hamilton Place Mount Waverley on 7 June where it’s  alleged that a dog being walked off leash attacked another dog, held on a leash by its owner. The leashed dog received serious injuries.

The owner of the injured dog has provided a statement but so far we’ve been have been unable to identify the owner of the attacking dog, who left the scene without leaving any details. The incident does not appear to have been captured on any CCTV and officers have asked traders and other dog walkers if they saw the incident, without success.

What does council recommend people do when confronted with a situation like this?

As with any criminal investigation, it’s difficult to identify someone who simply leave the scene of an incident that occurs in a public place. In normal circumstances, dog owners are encouraged to share details when an incident occurs and when this is not possible, like when another person is uncooperative, information like vehicle registration numbers, details on dog tags and a description of the dog, its owner and potential witnesses, can help an investigation.

Should they report it to council/police?

Council or the Police can investigate a dog attack but as a general rule, dog attacks are primarily investigated by Council Animal Management Officers and should be referred to Council.

What can council do in situations like this?

It’s an offence to be the owner of a dog that attacks and bites another animal. Dog attacks are routinely investigated by Council and where an offender has been identified it is open for Council to issue a fine or refer the matter to a Court. In some cases, where a matter is the subject of a successful prosecution, it may then be open for Council to require that the offending dog is muzzled and kept on leash at all times.

Issued: 4 July 2019
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Shane McCluskey