Media Response Jingella Reserve Playground (Ashwood)

Questions and Responses

Over the last couple of weeks have noticed huge activity on the Gardener's (sic) Creek trail with walkers, cyclists etc. and noticed lots of people using the outdoor gym equipment at Jingella Reserve in Ashwood despite gym equipment and playgrounds being closed by council in light of COVID-19 restrictions. Now security tape has been put up around the equipment in Jingella Reserve.

Could I please ask council if it put the security tape around the equipment at Jingella Reserve and why? Yes Council put this tape in place so we can deter people from using the playground equipment. We also installed signs when the restrictions for playspaces and outdoor gyms were announced. The signs were installed at each playground to tell the community not to use the equipment. 

Was it in response to people using the equipment despite it being closed to the public due to social distancing laws?

Yes, unfortunately signs and communications haven’t been enough for some people so we needed to put a visual deterrent to the public that playgrounds and outdoor exercise equipment shouldn’t be used at the moment.

Has the council been monitoring play equipment and outdoor fitness stations in Monash to ensure people are not using them during the COVID-19 crisis?

Yes we are conducting regular patrols of playgrounds, reserves, pavilions and recreation spaces.

Does it believe most people are following the rules or has it had to issue warnings to people?

Most people have taken on board the current social distancing measures but frustratingly some ignore the rules and put themselves and others at risk. Police are authorised to issue fines. We have no hesitation in reporting breaches of social distancing to the COVID-19 hotline and we have found that the community is also reporting others to this hotline or police and also letting us know via our social media channels.

Also noticed a swing at a park at Ashwood Drive has been rolled up so people can't use it. Did council do this and was it in response to people using this equipment?

Yes this has been done as a further deterrent so people do not use the playground equipment.

Issued: 23 April 2020
To: Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Stuart James