Media Response LGBTQIA+ committee

Why is Monash Council creating an LGBTQIA+ committee?

In October 2018 Council resolved to explore opportunities to better recognise, represent and connect with LGBTIQA+ members of the Monash community. This included  considering expansion of services, programs and networks to better include and represent people who identify as LGBTIQA+ living in Monash.

Council endorsed the new LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee at the 15 December 2020 Council meeting as part of its ongoing commitment. The role of this Committee is to provide Council with advice on strengthening the representation and inclusion of people who identify as LGBTIQA+ within Monash and to contribute to the development and implementation of Council’s LGBITQA+ Action Plan.

What do you hope the committee will achieve?

The objectives of the Committee are to:

  • Advocate for equality and inclusion for the LGBTIQA+ community in Monash
  • Provide feedback and advice to Council on the impact of its policies, plans and services on the LGBTIQA+ community
  • Assist and provide advice to Council on the establishment and implementation of an LGBTIQA+ action plan
  • Consider funding and other opportunities as they arise
  • Support Council to engage and consult with local LGBTIQA+ groups and communities
  • Provide advice to Council on issues and barriers that affect people who identify as LGBTIQA+
  • Contribute to the promotion of Council and community collaborations that support and promote the inclusion of people who identify as LGBTIQA+

Is there a minimum and maximum age someone can be to join the committee?

There is no minimum or maximum age limit, however we do have processes in place to ensure young people are safe and supported.  

Can university students join the committee? Are you looking to have some university students on the committee?

Yes University students who live, work or study in Monash are welcome to apply for the LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee.

When do you hope to establish the committee (specific date if possible)?  

The three Councillors who have been nominated for the LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee will assess the nominations in April and hope to have the new members endorsed at the April Council meeting. The first meeting will be in June.

How often do you plan to meet with the committee?

The LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee  will meet bi-monthly for a duration of two hours.

Do committee members get paid or is this a volunteer position? If paid are you allowed to say how much?

All LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee positions are voluntary positions. LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee community representatives will be reimbursed for any transport and/or childcare costs they incur in participating in meetings and related activities for the committee, as deemed appropriate.

Issued: 29 March 2021
To: MOJO News
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Brian Little