Media Response Parking at Waverley Basketball Stadium

Questions and Responses

Does council operate the Waverley Basketball Stadium?

Is parking at the venue considered adequate?

Are there any plans to build more parking in the area?

The Waverley Basketball Stadium was built on Council land in 1992 and is fully operated by the Waverley Basketball Association not Council.

There are approximately 144 parking bays on-site with unrestricted parking on either side of Power Ave. Unrestricted parking is also available on both sides of Batesford Road except for a No Stopping area and the shopping strip on the North side of the road near the intersection with Power Avenue.

Council actively enforce the parking restrictions at the shopping strip to support traders and in surrounding streets to support residents in order to ensure the integrity and intent of the restrictions are maintained.

Our experience tells us that the current parking arrangements are adequate on the basis that we rarely receive complaints and compliance with the relevant parking controls in surrounding streets is generally good.

We did issue a fine associated with a person who parked a vehicle on the nature strip near the intersection of Power Ave and Batesford Rd in July in circumstances where the officer issuing the fine noted that legal parking was available at the time. The vehicle was also parked in a manner that was likely to obstruct the line of vision for motorists entering the nearby roundabout.

Issued: 13 January 2020
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Stuart James