Media Response Westall Road Extension


Westall Road is an important road network link from Monash Freeway, Mulgrave to the Dandenong and Dingley Bypasses, which provides connections to major arterials through to the South Gippsland Highway, Dandenong South and to Warrigal Road.

The extension of Westall Road is a new road link connecting the Princes Highway, Clayton, to the Monash Freeway. This link is critical to ease congestion, divert traffic from overloaded roads (including Blackburn, Clayton and Springvale roads) and provide opportunities for increased public transport on these roads.

It will improve access to the National Monash Employment and Innovation Cluster for the 75% of workers who commute to this area every day for work and provide for better freight movement through and beyond the region.

The Westall Road extension will lead to the creation of an additional 23,000 jobs for the region within the Cluster, and needs a commitment by governments to fund this critical transport link.Issued:

Issued: 21 August 2019
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Shane McCluskey