Media Response conversion flyer circulating in Monash

Questions and Responses


Residents say they are angered by the flyers and have found them extremely harmful and offensive.

They have been distributed by the National Family Association - A conservative Christian group. 

Does the council have any comments to make on these flyers being distributed in Monash? Can residents do anything to complain about them?What does the council say about residents' concerns? 


We understand that receiving this flyer could be distressing for residents especially those who identify as being part of the LBGTIQA+ community and their families. The flyer has the contact details for the association endorsing the information and call to action so anyone who has received the material in their mailbox and would like to complain could do so directly to this group or to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Issued: 3 February 2021 
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Brian Little