Media Response Dog Attacks 2020

Questions and Answers

How many dog-on-dog attacks were reported? How many dog-on-human attacks?

39 dog on human attacks, (13 of these were rushings), 58 dog on dog attacks reported.

How many dog attacks were prosecuted in court this year?


What are the most common places dog attacks are reported? (e.g. public parks, streets)

The most common places where we receive reports of dog attacks occurring are streets and public parks and reserves.

What are the most common causes for dog attacks? (e.g. broken fences)

Typically we see that the causes of dog attacks reported to Council are from owners not able to control their dogs – on their own properties or on the streets or in reserves.

For example, some attacks are reported where a dog is in its front yard,  not on a leash, and it then escapes and attacks another dog being walked on the street. There’s also cases where people are walking their dogs on a leash, but they do not have enough control of the animal and it attacks another dog.

Does the council provide incentives for people to get professional dog training? If so, what incentives are available?

No this is not something Council provides but  a person, as a responsible pet owner, should ensure that they can control their dog on lead as well as through verbal control.  Professional training can help with this if they choose to undertake it.  We do have plenty of information about responsible pet ownership and we communicate annually with pet owners when we send pet registration reminders. Our officers are always happy to speak with pet owners who may have questions about animal regulations in Monash.  

Issued: 16 December 2020
To: Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Brian Little