Media response Australia Day 2021

Questions and Responses 

Will the council fly the flag half mast on January 26? 

We follow the Federal Government’s Australian National Flag Protocols and for Australia Day the flag is flown at full mast.

Will the council celebrate Australia Day with activities and a citizenship ceremony?

Australia Day is a day designated by the Federal Government and Council will continue to acknowledge the day. We understand the different positions held regarding Australia Day and encourage everyone to reflect on the significance of this day to our indigenous community members. 

We have a full program of online activities listed on our website and will hold the citizenship ceremony in person with restricted numbers.

We have several activities that acknowledge the Indigenous community including a Welcome to Country with Kellie Hunter and Uncle Ian Goolagong and online Kindness to Country workshops for people to participate in understanding and caring for the Country around them, like First Nations Peoples have done for thousands of years.

This year our citizenship ceremony will be held at the Civic Centre with 24 candidates who are allowed to bring one guest each. The COVID Safe citizenship ceremony will take place in Council chambers and guests of candidates will be seated in the function room and will be able to see the ceremony via a livestream. The community is also able to watch the ceremony from home via this livestream feed. 

Issued: 19 January 2021
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Brian Little