Prescribed Accommodation - Public Health Regulations

The Public Health and Wellbeing (Prescribed Accommodation) Regulations 2020 aim to prevent overcrowding in prescribed accommodation, ensure reasonable standards of hygiene, sanitation and maintenance, and reduce the risk of spreading communicable diseases. Council regularly facilitates the inspection of prescribed accommodation to ensure adherence to the regulations.

The regulations state:

  • Overcrowding 
    Owners/proprietors must comply with the regulations in relation to the maximum number of people permitted to reside in each bedroom. A room must not be permitted to be used as a bedroom if it has a floor area of less than 7.5m2.

  • Maintenance/Cleanliness 
    All bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, living rooms and any common areas must be maintained in good working order, in a clean, sanitary and hygienic condition, and in a good state of repair.

  • Water Supply 
    A continuous and adequate supply of water must be provided to all toilet, bathing, kitchen, laundry and drinking water facilities, and hot water to all bathing, laundry and kitchen facilities.

  • Toilet and Bathing Facilities 
    At least one toilet, one bath or shower and one wash basin for every 10 people must be provided.

  • Waste Disposal 
    Sufficient waste disposal receptacles must be provided for the collection and storage of all rubbish, and must be regularly cleaned and collected. All sewage and wastewater must be discharged to a sewer or approved wastewater treatment system. 

  • Register of Occupants 
    A register recording names and addresses of people staying at the accommodation, and dates of their arrival and departure, must be retained for at least 12 months after the date of the last entry in the register.

For enquiries or complaints about prescribed accommodation, please contact Council on 9518 3555 or

For more information and to access a copy of the Public Health and Wellbeing (Prescribed Accommodation) Regulations 2020, see the Department of Health website.