Multicultural Champion


This award recognises outstanding achievement by an individual, organisation, service provider or business in the area of multiculturalism within Monash.

This achievement may have involved actively supporting cultural diversity by:

  • Actively supporting cultural diversity
  • Promoting harmony
  • Respect of difference and inclusion
  • Building bridges between and within communities

This category welcomes nominations for people who have:

  • Made a substantial or ongoing contribution towards promoting the well-being of members of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities
  • Shown involvement on a personal level or as part of an organisation in activities that promote cultural diversity, harmony and good community relations
  • Fostered understanding of the changing needs of CALD communities over time
  • Advocated for CALD groups in the wider community
  • Implemented policies and programs which take into account the needs of Monash's culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse community
  • Implemented policies and practices that establish a culturally competent workforce
  • Demonstrated support for a culturally and linguistically diverse employee base
  • Provided ongoing training for mentoring staff regarding cultural diversity

Download: Multicultural Champion Criteria(PDF, 701KB)

More information

Cultural Diversity Community Development Officer
Kate Wijeyesinghe (she/her)
Phone: 9518 3241