Youth Leadership


An individual aged between 10-25 who is engaged in an activity or service in Monash, for the benefit of the Monash community.

This could be achieved through advocating for change, raising awareness about a particular issue, volunteering their time to engage or support members of the community, raising money for a particular cause and/or being a mentor or positive role model in Monash.

Nominations for young people of all abilities and backgrounds are encouraged.

Please note that young people can be nominated for a single activity.

The following will be taken into consideration by the judging panel:

  • The length and frequency of time spent engaged in the activity or service
  • How the delivery of the activity or service has involved other members of the community
  • The number of people who have benefited from the activity or service

Download: Youth Leadership Criteria(PDF, 497KB)

For more information:

Bill Kendall - Team Leader Youth Services
Phone: 9518 3900