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Groups currently running online will be contacted by the MCH nurse to discuss returning to face to face sessions.

Please note, some groups will remain online due to current building capacity restrictions as per the Victorian Government COVID restrictions. Please contact us on 9518 3662, if you have any questions regarding your group. 

First Time Parent Groups 

Becoming a parent for the first time can be a challenging yet exciting time.

To help ensure first-time parents get the support they need, Monash Council organises parents' groups.

Held in a relaxed and supportive environment, these groups enable first-time parents to meet.

Members of parents' groups often forge long-term friendships while gaining valuable support and information.

The groups are facilitated by qualified Maternal & Child Health Nurses who are happy to answer any questions you may have during these sessions.

The topics covered in the group meetings include:

  • What to expect in the early weeks
  • Starting your baby on solids
  • Sleep and settling guidance
  • Family health and more

We suggest that parents start attending these groups when their baby is between 1 month and 4 months of age. However, we welcome all first-time parents with a baby up to the age of 6 months.

Please talk to your MCH Nurse about joining a First Time Parent Group, or call 9518 3662 and the MCH Admin Support Officer will be able to help you.

For first-time parents with a child over 6 months of age, we ask that you discuss with your Maternal & Child Health Nurse the possibility of linking into an existing older age new parent group or connect into a local playgroup via

Program outline

Week 1

  • Group Guidelines
  • Getting to Know Each Other: Beginning Our Group
  • A Settled Baby: What Does it Mean?

More information:

Week 2

  • Getting to Know Your Baby (Baby Massage)
  • Baby’s Ages and Stages: What to Expect
  • Play: More than Fun and Games

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Week 3

  • Library Visit
  • Communicating With Your Baby Through Music and Books

More information:

Week 4

  • Keeping Your Child Safe: Preventing Accidents
  • Managing Childhood Illness

More information:

Week 5

  • Food: Your Baby and the Family
  • Teething and Looking After Baby’s Teeth for Life

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Week 6

  • Being a Parent: Changes and Challenges
  • Looking After Yourself: Exploring Mothers Health
  • Returning to Paid Work
  • Where to From Here?

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