34-54 Clayton Road Clayton

Submissions closed on 03 May 2021, 12:00 AM

Update - Approved proposal

In April 2022 Council approved a proposal for staged construction of eight mixed-use buildings ranging in height from 3-11 storeys, at 34-54 Clayton Road, Clayton.

The uses on the land include office, residential hotel, food and drinks premises (café), gymnasium, showrooms and childcare centre, the removal of native vegetation and alteration to a road in a Transport Zone 2.  

Council sought community feedback on the application and received four objections. 

The development was approved subject to more than 50 conditions. 

To find out more, please see the report(PDF, 617KB) and plans(PDF, 21MB) Council considered prior to making its decisions. 


Council sought community feedback on a proposal for the staged construction of eight mixed-use buildings, ranging in height from 3 storeys to 13 storeys, at 34-54 Clayton Road, Clayton. The uses on the land include office, residential hotel, food and drinks premises (café), restricted retail facility (gymnasium), retail / restricted retail premises and childcare centre. 

Feedback was formally sought by Monday 3 May 2021.

The applicant, I & K Investments Pty Ltd is proposing a $260 million development which is detailed as follows:

  • Buildings are proposed to be set back a minimum of 20 metres from Clayton Road
  • The development of the land is proposed to be staged as follows:
    • Stage 1 – Building C (5 storeys) and Building H (3 storeys) in addition to traffic works to Clayton Road
    • Stage 2 – Building E (13 storeys) and Building D (11 storeys)
    • Stage 3 – Building G (6 storeys) and Building F (13 storeys)
    • Stage 4 – Building A (8 Storeys) and Building B (6 storeys).
  • Uses proposed on the land include office (totalling 65,249sqm), Childcare Centre (115 children), Residential Hotel (153 Rooms) and associated commercial uses including retail, food and drinks premises and restricted recreation / gymnasium (totalling 6,352.5sqm)
  • A total of 2,250 car spaces are proposed on the site including basement and at grade car parking
  • Vehicle access to the site is proposed to be consolidated from five access points to three with a new, centrally located, signalised intersection that is served by a proposed south bound left-in slip lane, and a new north bound right turn lane on Clayton Road. Egress from the site is via two left-in left-out access points and the signalised intersection.

Two online information sessions for community members were held.

Enquiries: Alexandra Wade, Principal Planner, on 9518 3068.  

Planning documents

Here are the documents that have been submitted by the applicant: 

Certificate of Title(PDF, 395KB)

3D images(PDF, 14MB)

Arborist Report(PDF, 10MB)

Biodiversity Report(PDF, 7MB)

Demolition Plan(PDF, 393KB)

Landscape Plan(PDF, 30MB)

Shadow Diagrams(PDF, 4MB)

Site and Floor Plans(PDF, 34MB)

Site Context and Design Rational(PDF, 116MB)

Site Survey Plan(PDF, 8MB)

Staging Plan and Development Summary(PDF, 17MB)

Sustainability Management Plan(PDF, 6MB)

Town Planning Report(PDF, 19MB)

Traffic Report(PDF, 16MB)

Waste Management Plan(PDF, 7MB) 


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