Council's Role in Accessible Services

Councils Access and Inclusion Officer has a focus on community strengthening and a whole-of-community and whole-of-life approach to the inclusion of people with a disability and their carers in community life that aims to identify and bring together the strengths, resources and creativity of local people, organisations and Council to enhance community participation opportunities for people with a disability and their carers.

They are responsible for working with organisations and support providers to ensure people with disabilities can access services and information required.

Contact Barb Wallace on 9518 3555 or for more information.

For individual support please contact NDIS on 1800 800 110 or visit

Monash Access and Inclusion Network

The Monash Access and Inclusion Network is a distribution list to share information amongst community members and service providers within Monash.

We look to provide opportunities for individuals and services to update links and partnerships between each other.

To be added to the mailing list contact Barb Wallace on 9518 3555 or

Active Monash

Active Monash has a number of all ability services and programs such as:

  • Inclusive swim program
  • Attendent Support Initiative
  • Group exercise classes.

For more information visit: Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre

Access keys

Access keys are accessibility guides that provide accurate information to help visitors plan their visit to a location, and can be useful for people living with autism spectrum disorder, cognitive impairment or anyone who would like an understanding of the physical area before visiting.

Access keys and social stories are created in partnership with Access Ability Australia. They are available for the following facilities in Monash: 

Disability Advisory Committee

The Disability Advisory Committee aims to create an understanding, compassionate and accessible community for our members who may be living with a disability.

For more information on this committee visit Disability Advisory Committee