Community Ambassador - Andreas Bonis

Community Ambassador Andreas Bonis

Cultural background:


Language(s) spoken:

Greek and English

Where do you live in Monash?


What do you do for work/study:

Community Care Worker

Which community groups, organisations or clubs are you connected with in Monash?

Greek Orthodox Community, Fronditha Care Community Services, Pan Cretan Association of Melbourne

Why did you want to become a Community Ambassador? 

For self-development, as well as because I share Monash Council's values, ideals and ethics. In these unprecedented times, it's very important to support, encourage and empower our fellow citizens by promoting community-oriented projects.

What is something interesting about you that you would like to share with the community?  

I look for positivity in all things. I believe that if we decide to look at the positive side of life, inevitably, our lives will become more positive.