Community Ambassador - Eman (Emy) Armanous

Community Ambassador Eman (Emy) Armanous

Cultural background:


Language(s) spoken:

English and Egyptian 

Where do you live in Monash?

Mount Waverley 

What do you do for work/study:

Therapist and coach 

Which community groups, organisations or clubs are you connected with in Monash?

St Demiana Women’s Club, Oakleigh Tennis Club, Glen Iris Tennis Club, Oakleigh Coptic Church, Uniting Care. 

Why did you want to become a Community Ambassador? 

I wanted to be able to supporting the community and the diversity and multicultural aspects. I am very compassionate and enjoy about helping people and being involved in creating projects to which have beneficial outcomes for the community.  

What is something interesting about you that you would like to share with the community?  

I love starting and running businesses! If I think of an idea I’m very motivated to make it happen. It also gives me an opportunity to employ people and see them to succeed and achieve.

I also love children and have been an emergency carer with Uniting 11 years. If I can make even a small positive difference in a young person’s life, I am honoured to be able to do that.