Parking Overstay Detection Systems (PODS)

Parking Overstay Detection Systems (PODS) In A Parking Bay

Monash parking inspectors use different methods to ensure a fairer system of parking for all. 

Parking Overstay Detection Systems (PODS)

PODS are inserted underground and transmit data to devices operated by parking inspectors, indicating when vehicles have been parked in an area for longer than signed.

It is important that car parks in busy shopping centres and near strip shops and businesses are vacated regularly to give everyone a chance of getting a car park and to ensure a steady stream of customers for local businesses.

Dash camera vehicles

Dash camera vehicles operate in Monash. The vehicles have a camera mounted inside that parking inspectors activate to take photos of vehicles parked illegally.

The cameras are used around schools to ensure motorists are obeying parking signs and not putting vulnerable children at risk as they enter and leave school. They are also used to target drivers parked in No Stopping zones or too close to intersections, creating dangerous situations for other drivers by obstructing their line of sight.