Building Contractor Parking Permits

Builders can get a permit to park in parking bays during construction projects where works zones are set up:

Application for Contractor Parking Permit(PDF, 324KB)

A works zone is a temporary zone outside a building site, commonly used for providing exclusive spaces to construction-related vehicles. The zone will only be at the frontage of the property where the works are happening.

Works zone signs are to be installed for the duration of building works upon request.

The application must include estimated start and finish dates of construction. The signs will be removed at the end of this period. Once Council receives the application, we will assess it and send a quote for the cost of installing the signage. The cost of the signs will largely depend on the number of signs that need to be installed and changed.

If works are not completed by the estimated date end, then an extension can be requested, but extra costs will be incurred.

The maximum duration of a contractor parking permit is 3 weeks. Extensions of time or permit renewals may be issued depending on individual circumstances, excluding house builds.