Parking Safety around Schools

Unsafe parking practices around Monash's schools are being addressed through the use of technology.

Since early 2014, Council's parking enforcement team has been using a dash cam vehicle which has a camera mounted on its dashboard. When the parking inspector driving the vehicle notices a car parked illegally, the inspector activates the camera by pushing a button on the console or car door.

Every photo taken is then reviewed by parking staff to check whether an offence has been committed. If a car has been parked illegally, the car's registered owner is mailed a parking fine.

Council is using this technology to identify cars parked in No Standing, No Stopping and Loading Zones around schools and in busy shopping areas.

People will also be booked for parking cars in a Permit Zone without displaying a permit.

School zones are being targeted because of the safety concerns that have been raised by school principals and people who live near Monash schools. An officer using the dash cam vehicle patrols schools at random.

For more information, please contact Michael Somerville, Coordinator Local Laws, on 9518 3014 or email 

Parking at a School Crossing

Most school crossings have No Stopping signs on both sides. These signs must be complied with during the times indicated.

In areas where No Stopping signs are not in place and when a 'Children Crossing' is in operation (when the flags are displayed), you must not stop or park:

  • Within 10m of the departure side of a crossing
  • Within 20m of the approach side of a crossing

You cannot stop in these areas at all while dropping off or picking up children.