Skip Bin Permit

If you are placing a skip bin on Council's land, you will need a Skip Bin Permit, in accordance with “Local Law No.3 Community Amenity” (Clause 105). More information: Local law No.3 Community Amenity

  • The location of the skip bin must comply with the requirements of the Department of Transport Code of Practice for the Placement of Waste Bins on Roadsides
  • A permit is not required if the skip bin is placed on a private property
  • Skip bins are prohibited on arterial roads

Residents needing a skip bin delivered to their property

Skip Bin Permits must be obtained by an accredited supplier and must be applied for 2 days prior to the anticipated skip bin delivery. Payment for the permit will be incorporated in the cost the skip bin company will charge you.

Please note:

  • The skip bin company must be registered with us before they can apply for a permit.
  • The City of Monash does not provide skip bins for hire.
  • If a Skip Bin Permit is not appropriate for the site, an Occupy Roadway Permit may allow for the skip bin to be placed there. This incorporates a more stringent process to allow for skip bin placement in more hazardous locations.

Skip Bin Companies

The City of Monash introducing Registered Users for skip bin companies. This will impact on how you submit your applications.

Phone requests and paper application forms are no longer be accepted (from 15 April 2021).

You must register with Council to apply for skip bin permits.

Companies seeking to place skip bins (mini skips) on public land must obtain a permit prior to placing the bin and follow the conditions of the skip bin permit. Failure to do so may result in an infringement being issued.

If your company is already accredited with the City of Monash, there is no need to complete the accreditation form. You will receive a letter from Council with instructions on how to register.

Accredited Companies

(After the registration has been completed)

Applications must be received by the Asset Protection Department 2 days prior to the anticipated skip bin delivery (continuations/new permits at the same location require 1 day notice). The City of Monash will not guarantee issuing a permit if the application has been received less than 2 days prior.

Step 1.Apply online

Login to your registered user account apply online:

Login - Skip Bin Permit portal

  • Full payment will be processed as you apply
  • Application should be received 2 days prior (continuations/new permits at the same location require 1 day notice)
  • Occupy Roadway Permit required for skip bins exceeding 20m3 volume and/or exceeding 1.5m height

Step 2.Application review

Council will review the application:

  • If successful, a permit will be issued via email
  • If not successful, Council will decline in writing and a reversal of payment will be processed.

Step 3.Application approval

If approved, the skip bin may be delivered on specified date/time by the applicant (Council will inspect to ensure compliance with OH&S).

Step 4.Skip bin removal

Skip bin must be removed on specified date/time by the applicant (Council will inspect to ensure skip bin removal and that no damage to Council assets have occurred).

If you wish to extend the permit timeframe, you will be required to apply for a new skip bin permit. You will be asked to supply your previous skip bin permit number upon application.

Accreditation Form

Step 1.Complete Form

Companies not already accredited must complete the following form and submit it via

Skip Bin - Accreditation Form(PDF, 554KB)

Companies must provide evidence of public liability insurance to a minimum value of $20,000,000.

Step 2.Receive instructions

Once the form is received and processed by Council, you will receive a letter with instructions on how to register.

Step 3.Apply online

When applying online to become a registered user, you will need to input your unique identifier number that Council has provided for you.

Step 4.Confirmation email

After you have submitted your application, Council will issue you with a confirmation email including login details. After that you will be able to apply online via Skip Bin Portal.