Building Application Forms

If you require assistance please contact Building Services through 9518 3555.

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Other forms

If a payment is required, please use Building Credit Card Payment Form(PDF, 808KB) 

Please do NOT send cash through the mail and please do NOT email forms with Credit Card Details.

BLD0120 - Rainwater Tanks(PDF, 727KB)

  • No specific Planning Permit is required for rainwater tanks up to 4,500 litres when installed to residential properties, except for areas covered by the Heritage Overlay.  However, conditions apply in certain circumstances.

BLD0242 - Siting Requirements Summary(PDF, 293KB)

  • Applicable to single dwellings and associated outbuildings on sites greater then 500m² in area and where the property is not located in a heritage area under the Monash Planning Scheme, otherwise a planning permit is required.

BLD0266 - Combined Allotment or Subdivision Statement(PDF, 559KB)

BLD0266A - Subdivision Statement(PDF, 558KB)

  • The form must accompanied by a full copy of the proposed plans.

BLD0268 - Approval of Siting of Temporary Structures(PDF, 510KB)

  • This application form must accompanied by a full site plan showing details of all existing buildings, the proposed temporary structures, the required toilet facilities, car parking and details of traffic management measures for the event.

BLD0269 - Siting of Prescribed Temporary Structures(PDF, 291KB)

  • The following guidelines relate to the construction and maintenance of temporary structures and the definition of such structures.

BLD0306 - (FORM 15) Application for Occupancy Permit(PDF, 167KB)

  • Application for the occupancy of a building or premises, in accordance with the Building Act 1993.

BLD0355 - (FORM 1) Building Permit - Application Form(PDF, 827KB)

  • The following form is used to notify Council of your intent to commence building on a particular site, subject to the approval.

BLD0345 - (FORM 1) Amended Building Permit - Application Form(PDF, 1MB)

  • When seeking to amend an existing building permit or application, please use the following form. Please note, a separate form exists for an extension of time for a permit about to lapse, see here for details: Time Extension for a Building Permit about to lapse (BLD0392) .

BLD0346 - Request for Copy of Documents(PDF, 472KB)

  • Enables you to obtain plans of your house, factory and/or office or Occupancy Permit/Certificate of Final Inspection.

BLD0390 - Requirements for Shared Accommodation(PDF, 849KB)

  • Guidelines for shared accommodation (Class 1b) (housing four or more unrelated people), or for altering an existing residence (Class 1a) to meet such guidelines.

BLD0392 - Extension of Time - Building Permit(PDF, 482KB)

  • Generally building work must commence within one year and be completed within in two years from the date of issue - you may apply for an extension of time prior to the permit lapsing.  If you wish to amend any of the characteristics of the building permit, please see Amendment to a Building Permit

BLD0434 - Guidelines and Information for Smoke Alarms(PDF, 473KB)

  • Since February 1997 self contained smoke alarms complying with AS 3786-1993, have been required to be installed in each dwelling or sole occupancy unit (Flats, Town houses, Units).

BLD0457 – Request for Adjoining Owner’s Details for the Purpose of Issuing Protection Work Notices(PDF, 589KB)

  • Application to Council requesting adjoining property owner’s details.

BLD0497 - Demolition and Removal Precautions(PDF, 18KB)

  • Precautions must be taken before and during demolition in accordance with AS2601-2001, ‘The Demolition of Structures’.

Additional requirements

There may be some additional requirements, please see the following for details: